Nook Simple Touch solution to unresponsive touchscreen

If you do a Google search for nook simple touch touchscreen unresponsive, you’ll see a whole bunch of frustrated Nook users. My wife got the original Nook (the one with the e-ink on top and the color touchscreen on the bottom). She eventually upgraded to the Nook Simple Touch and loved it, so I also got a Nook Simple Touch. Both devices have functioned well for months and months (over a year? I forget exactly when we got them).

All of a sudden, this week both Nooks have had their touchscreens turn unresponsive. Everything else worked—the hard buttons worked. I could force a shutdown. I could get the slide-to-unlock to pop up when I pressed the n button. The few times I could unlock the devices, the hard buttons on the side to turn the pages would actually turn the pages. But the touchscreen responding to touch worked only about 1 time out of every 20 times I tried. This was on both devices.

If you read these sad people’s stories about trying to get the touchscreens working again, they’ve tried just about anything: getting replacements from B&N, trying to get B&N to repair it in-store, waiting for a firmware update, charging the device fully, resetting the device to factory settings.

I did try a forced shutdown. I also tried a firmware re-update (just whatever the latest version is available on the Barnes and Noble website).

Do you know what it ended up being? A dirty Nook. That’s right. Our Nooks had been gathering too much dust and other crap. I wiped them both down with an only slightly damp tissue, and they both worked flawlessly!

Lesson learned! If you have a Nook Simple Touch, keep it clean. And when you’re not using it, put it in a protective sleeve.

115 thoughts on “Nook Simple Touch solution to unresponsive touchscreen”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried every fix I could find and after reading your post thought “yeah right” but I did it anyway, and it works perfectly now.
    I’m off to go read now…..

  2. Thank you so much for writing this article. I was ready to pitch my Nook for a Kindle, but simply cleaning the screen has brought it back to life. It also worked for my non-responding iPad2 ( even with a protecting screen).

  3. OMG!
    I love my Nook, but I’ve become so frustrated about getting to the end of a book and not able to select the next book that I just ordered a used Nook from Ebay for $30. Then I read your ‘fix’. I was skeptical but I put some alcohol on a paper towel and wiped my screen (which looked perfectly clean to begin with.) My nook works like brand new! Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much! I was thinking it must just be age and was already considering buying the next nook. After a desperate Google search I found your post and it totally worked! Thanks for saving me $130!!

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