How to “invite” someone to Google Plus

Note: This procedure has worked for me on 30 June, 2011 and 1 July, 2011. Things are very much in flux at Google with this beta release product, so these instructions may not work later, or there may later be better ways to actually invite people.

Google likes to release new stuff as beta testing and start by inviting just a few people. I think Gmail was in beta for four years or something. Right now, Google Plus is in beta, and it doesn’t really make sense that Google is being stingy with the invites. After all, what’s the point of a social networking site if “no one” is using it? So here is how I’ve invited people.

Step 1

Click on Share in the top-right corner and write something (anything). Below that, paste in the email address of the person you’re trying to invite. Confirm it, and it’ll turn blue. Then click the green Share button.

Step 2

The person who got the “invite” will see an email saying you’ve shared something. That person should click View or comment on so-and-so’s post.

Step 3

This will open up a link in the web browser, and then the person can click on Join Google+.

Step 4

Then the last step is to click Sign In and sign in with a Google account.

That’s it. Please don’t post in the comments begging me to invite you. Beg your friends to read this tutorial instead.


You may get this message saying Google has temporarily exceeded its capacity. If so, just try again later.

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Great article. It’s got me super excited to put the network into action, but, alas, I still haven’t received an invitation… Keep the less fortunate of us posted!

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