Don’t worry, Feministing; she got another part

For some reason, Feministing won’t actually send me the email that helps me activate an account there, so I can’t comment on any of their posts (believe me, I’ve whitelisted both their domain and Movable Type’s domains, to no avail).

Just wanted to say a quick thing about Howard Stern, professional asshole, mocks Gabourey Sidibe: Sidibe is going to be in the ShowTime series The C Word alongside Laura Linney. So no worries on her not getting another part. Also, Howard Stern’s schtick is to shock people. He has strong opinions and likes to offend people, so it’s really no surprise he wants to attack Sidibe. What I don’t understand is why Robin Quivers has stayed with him so long. I guess he gives her a pretty good job, but with all the racist and sexist crap Howard says, I often wonder what goes through Robin’s mind. Does she ever think “Why do I do this show? They don’t pay me enough… oh, wait… they do”?

I hope he does pay her a lot. I hope it’s an s-load.

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