The window of opportunity for iPad rivals is shrinking

For months leading up to Steve Jobs’ demonstration of the iPad, tech blogs and so-called “news” sites had been hyping up the new touchscreen Apple tablet. After the announcement, many people (not just tech blogs and “news” sites) were disappointed. Where was the webcam? Where was Flash? No 1080p video? Isn’t it just a giant […]

Why I might switch to Mac from Ubuntu

Who am I? I’ve been using Ubuntu for almost five years now. I’ve offered some technical support on the Ubuntu Forums and been a moderator there off and on. I’ve maintained a new-user-targeted documentation site for every release of Ubuntu except the very first (4.10). I’ve also contributed to a few official Wiki pages. Even […]

What if women weren’t judged primarily by their beauty?

When I was in middle school and high school, there were (as I’m sure is the case in a lot of schools, both then and now) so-called “cool” or “popular” kids. And there were less-than-cool or even “loser” kids. I was definitely in one of the latter two categories, depending on whom you asked. I […]

What’s the best Android web browser?

Update (16 April 2010): The best web browser is xScope. Read more at xScope web browser for Android IntroductionBrowser Coco Dolphin Opera Mini Steel Final Verdict Introduction I’ve heard from some Nexus users that they’re perfectly fine with the default Android web browser (called plainly Browser) because 1) their phones are so fast anyway they […]

Celibacy doesn’t lead to pedophilia

As someone who seriously planned on a lifelong celibacy (before eventually getting married to another adult), I have to say I’m completely baffled by the discussion in the press right now about questioning priesthood celibacy in connection to child sex abuse scandals in the Catholic church: Austrian Priests Suggest Celibacy May Be a Problem Celibacy […]

Am I the only Christian who wants “under God” taken out of the pledge?

This ruling makes me sad: Appeals Court says ‘Under God’ not a prayer It doesn’t really matter if it’s a prayer or not. Why should people who don’t believe in God be forced to say it? I wouldn’t want to be forced to say “One nation without God.” I guess I could see a case […]

Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) first impressions

They say you’re not supposed to upgrade to alpha pre-releases of Ubuntu on your main computer. Unfortunately, I have only one computer (my HP Mini 1120nr netbook) to test on, and it has a 16 GB SSD, so dual-booting isn’t even really an option. I just took the plunge, downloaded the latest Lucid Alpha .iso, […]

Don’t worry, Feministing; she got another part

For some reason, Feministing won’t actually send me the email that helps me activate an account there, so I can’t comment on any of their posts (believe me, I’ve whitelisted both their domain and Movable Type’s domains, to no avail). Just wanted to say a quick thing about Howard Stern, professional asshole, mocks Gabourey Sidibe: […]

The extension that makes Google Chrome bearable

I’ve heard a lot of people extolling the virtues of the Google Chrome browser. I tried it a few times. I even tried to make it my default browser for a couple of months. It didn’t last long, even though there are a lot of good things about it. Here’s what I like about Google […]