Linux is ready for the desktop—but whose desktop?

Whether or not Linux is “ready for the desktop” or “ready for primetime” often shows up in technology news these days. It’s also a frequent topic on Linux forums and message boards, regardless of distribution. I often find these debates pointless because there’s an assumption inherent in these debates that there is a real-world-applicable concept […]

Linux for Others

As you could probably tell from the recent turn my essays have taken—from feminism and antiracism to Christianity to education to computers—I’ve become a big Linux advocate, mainly because I’ve noticed how Microsoft Windows has ruined the computer-using experience of so many people I know. Ironically, my own installation of Windows XP actually serves me […]

Linux Review: A Comparison of Ubuntu, Mandriva, and Mepis

Disclaimer: I have used these three distributions only on my particular desktop computer for my particular needs. My assessment of each one is biased because of what hardware was recognized and the types of things I was trying to achieve. Your experience may be very different from what I describe below. Right now, the top […]