Mmm… Magic Dim Sum

My wife always wants dim sum, and I rarely do, for several reasons:

  • I believe dim sum is best enjoyed in large groups, as you can sample more food, and you are less likely to have a mouth full of food when you need to order off the cart of food you want, since there are more people available to order things.
  • Even if you have a lot of people with you, getting constantly interrupted by people pushing carts and having to eye what has come out and is coming around all the time takes away from the meal and conversation.
  • If you come at the wrong time, the food won’t come out in the right order.

Yes, there are dim sum places that have little order forms instead of carts, but none of those near us have any good-tasting food. And, yes, there are times we’ve been able to gather up a group of friends to go with.

Yesterday, we lucked out, though. We were only two people. We were constantly interrupted by cart-pushers. But the dim sum was magic. Everything we wanted came out piping hot from the kitchen in just the right order (not dessert first and vegetables and shrimp later). And it tasted good.

I’m still not a big fan of dim-sum-for-two. But I like magic-dim-sum-for-two.