Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) on the Eee PC

Geek Warning: If you don’t use Linux or Ubuntu, a lot of this will sound like gobbledygook. As much as possible, I wanted to give the Asus Eee PC’s default operating system (a tweaked Xandros Linux) a chance. If I were another user (my mom, for example), it would be sufficient—good even. And that’s how […]

When it comes to electronics, size is relative

If you’ve been following my blog the past few days, you know that I’m excited about my new Eee PC, but you may be wondering why I haven’t posted any pictures up of it. After all, isn’t that what people do when they blog about new gadgets they’ve purchased? I would post up a picture, […]

How I’ve made myself at home with the Eee

I like the Eee’s default simplified GUI (graphical user interface). I think it’s cute but professional-looking, and it has a kiosk feel to it that would make it easy to use for Windows, Mac, and Linux users alike. Still… as a Linux user of three years, I do like to customize, so after only three […]

Welcome to the Eee: My computer just got downsized

Since the Linux model isn’t sold in stores, and the Windows model is supposed to arrive about now but reports are mixed about its actual availability at Best Buy (brick and mortar, anyway), I’m starting up a little section here devoted especially to the Eee, because I feel this is where computers are headed. If […]

I don’t know about “the desktop,” but Linux appears to be ready for the ultra-mobile PC

I don’t like arguments about whether or not Linux is “ready for the desktop,” because I think that phrase is basically meaningless. What I have always contended about Linux, since I started using it in 2005, however, is that Linux preinstalled and properly configured is perfectly fine for most home users’ basic needs: web browser, […]