TSA is just playing catch-up

There is an expression about closing the barn door after the horse has already escaped. I forget the clever phrasing that goes along with it. This seems to be the modus operandi for the TSA. 9/11 happened and all of a sudden you can’t bring nailclippers or anything remotely sharp on the plane. Someone tries to blow up a plane using some liquid, so you can’t bring liquid on the plane. Someone tries to blow up a plane lighting his shoe on fire, so you suddenly have to take off your shoes during security check. Now someone hid explosives in his underwear, and people are talking about full-body scans (I read Amsterdam, where his flight originated from, has already implemented this).

Are people stupid? Why is the TSA always one step behind? They’re like antivirus software, constantly updating on outdated definitions while malware writers are finding new ways to compromise people’s systems. I love OneandOneis2’s post on pointless airport security, describing ways to blow up a plane just using the electrical outlet provided in business class.

The real problem is that by the time you screen people at the security line, it’s too late. If terrorists don’t blow up planes, they can still blow up airports. They can find other ways to terrorize people. Find the terrorists before they find us. If someone is on the FBI’s terrorist list but not on the “no-fly” list, make him jump through hoops to get on a plane—don’t make me jump through those hoops.


  1. When oil prices take off later this year, which they are set to do, the high cost of flying and this stunned TSA security nonsense will result in most airlines in North American going out of business.

    Ironically the TSA will succeed in make the skies totally safe, by eliminating flying.

  2. “Are people stupid?” Yes, and they’re easily manipulated, too.

    “Why is the TSA always one step behind?” Because they’re a reactionary troupe playing ‘Security Theatre’ for your entertainment. Screening now at an airport near you…

  3. TSA used to be Wackenhut, Globe Security, and whatever other rent-a-security-guard company was the lowest bidder to offer screenings. Now all those minimum-wage security guards were magically turned into federal agents with a wave of the government wand. But they’re still the same low-bidders that did the job before there was any such thing as the TSA.

    Perhaps we should federalize Wal-Mart greeters under a newly-formed Federal Courtesy Administration, and charge them with enforcing federal laws relating to courtesy and politeness. And of course, making sure that shoppers check out with healthy groceries, not exceeding the federal maximum limits on sugary snacks and transfats.

  4. It’s a scary world out there and it does seem like the government is constantly playing catch-up. It’s the small success stories of hardworking, high performing Americans who actually do their jobs well that are overlooked and/or ignored. Thanks for dropping by…

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