An Attitude of Appeasement

Do not applaud Disney because its princesses now claim to be independent or because the cast of Mulan had people of color in it. Do not applaud Hollywood because “girls can kick butt” (what about women?). Mulan is not the model of cultural sensitivity and Charlie’s Angels is not the poster child for second-wave feminism.… Continue reading An Attitude of Appeasement

Social Education

In the pages of Time and Newsweek, as well as in their own leaflets and propaganda, both those for contraceptive-focused sex education and those for abstinence-focused sex education throw around statistics and studies about the efficacy of their respective programs. Supposedly, adults, who are either relieved to hear affirmation of their own prejudices or who… Continue reading Social Education

Myths About What Schools Need

Time=learning. So, more time=more learning. Good schools have good teachers. So, better teachers=better schools. Testing discourages social promotion Tracking solves most classroom learning problems Lack of tracking solves most classroom learning problems Individual teachers create educational revolution (think Dangerous Minds and Stand and Deliver) Students do not care about education What schools actually need Student-teachers… Continue reading Myths About What Schools Need

Reflections on Teaching

When I began thinking about teaching, I began it with a rather self-centered outlook: I will teach the way I wanted my teachers to teach me. I will be the kind of teacher I’d always wanted in high school. I also had a dream to be the revolutionary teacher from such faux-inspirational films as Stand… Continue reading Reflections on Teaching

Christian Living

I actually started my summer thinking I would write a book. In case you’re really curious, you can read the start of my book. It ends in the middle of a sentence and there’s nothing after that. Enjoy! Preface I would imagine most published authors would write prefaces after they have completed their books: The… Continue reading Christian Living

A Christian Perspective on “Homosexuality”

Growing up in a non-denominational, evangelical church in America, I often heard the phrase “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” Christians usually used it in reference to “homosexuality.” The funny thing is… no one around me demonstrated that love for the sinner. It was really “Hate the sin and the sinner.” The Bible tells us… Continue reading A Christian Perspective on “Homosexuality”


To the best of my knowledge, everyone in the youth group expects to get married. Why is this so? It’s tradition. Everyone gets married if they[sic] have a choice, right? So, what am I going to say now? Am I demanding that we all remain celibate? Not really. What does [the] Bible say about celibacy?… Continue reading Celibacy