Nexus 5x: Second Impressions

Here's a follow-up to last week's Nexus 5x: First Impressions post. What I've liked so far Basically, it's all the same stuff that impressed me at first—mainly the camera and the fingerprint sensor. What's bothered me so far While this list may look long, it doesn't mean I'm not enjoying using the phone, but I […]

Unrooting (returning to stock) the Moto X 2013

Some Background I did my first proper unroot of my Moto X 2013 recently, and I learned something interesting in the process. In the past, when I've rooted and unrooted my Moto X 2013, I'd request/download the factory image straight from the Motorola website and restore that back. Recently, though, I tried to take an […]

Responses to Danielle Lan’s Quora post on the high cost of living in the Bay Area

I recently saw someone tweet out a link to Danielle Lan's answer to a question on Quora about cost of living in the Bay Area. Basically, Danielle Lan confirms that the asker's friend declaring "his life is shitty" is correct, and she says "I'm living his life, except I'm a DINK (double income no kids) […]

Using Automator to add Dropbox camera uploads to Photos on a Mac

Why Script Importing into Photos? Recently, Apple deprecated iPhoto on the Mac in favor of a new iPhoto-like app called Photos. The nice thing about iPhoto was that you could drag a bunch of photos onto the iPhoto icon, and those photos would automatically import as a new album. I've found a bit of bugginess […]

Pure Kubuntu 15.04

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. These removal commands were created based on what Ubuntu, Xubuntu, etc. packages were added to a default Kubuntu 15.04 installation. It's possible that the commands might remove some other packages you have since added to the default and want to keep. If that's […]

Installing a custom rom on an unlocked Moto X 2013

I've been rooting and installing custom roms on Android phones since 2009. In general, it's been a fairly standard procedure. With the Moto X 2013 (and this may apply to the 2014 as well—I don't know—I can vouch only for the 2013), the procedure is slightly different. Unlock bootloader Get Motorola's fastboot Get TWRP Get […]

Angry Asian Trademarks

Angry Asian What? I don't know how well these two folks are known outside the AAPI community, but I've been a big fan of both Lela Lee (creator of Angry Little Girls) and Phil Yu (a.k.a. Angry Asian Man) for years.In the past couple of days, there's been a bit of a dust-up between the […]