Android users actually want Netflix streaming, I guess

Hilarious. Netflix just announced today on their Facebook page that Windows 7 Mobile has Netflix streaming. Out of the first 260 comments, 185 are angry Android users wondering where the Android Netflix streaming app is. I’m not angry, but I’m also curious as to why it’s taking Netflix so long to get one out.

Gina Diamond Quesada aww man that’s cool! What about an android app for us customers Netflix?! That would be AWESOME!
Sean Salm What about droid phones?
Manvir Sinbad Singh wtf. how do they already have a windows 7 app but not an android app
Mike Parson What about Android?!
Chris J. Stone Wait, what happened to Android?
Josh Bailey How about us Android users, we’re still waiting.
Josiah Black Amen..lets see a droid APP!
David Bland I also would LOVE for you to show us Android owners some LOVE!
Andrew Jesse Windows Phone 7, really?! Come on Netflix, I know Microsoft probably offered you a good penny to suport them, but really, what’s going to get you more money? Windows Phone 7, or Android, iPhone and Blackberry? I’d say the last three. So make an Android app. soon! Please! Windows Phone 7 lost their chance in the smartphone game, the leaders are already in place, there is no fourth place. :-D
Grégory Kendall Great, how about Android now? pleeease
Katie Marie Pollard What?? Windows Mobile 7 before Android???!!! Stop ignoring Android Netflix!!!!!
Frederick Pou Will you guys have the app for droid??
Tina Chambers Still waiting for Droid here too…
Steven Dobbs Who in their right mind gives a damn about windows 7 mobile?
Stephen Dix NO ANDROID? PARTY FOUL!!! WinP7 is gonna suck for the next 18 months anyway. Way waste your dev time?
Michele Pipoly Klein um…and where is my Android app?? Get with the program Netflix. I don’t know anyone with a Windows 7 phone. It is either Android, Blackberry, or iPhone these days.
Carl Parrish I was going to say how did they get one before Android, but I see enough other people have brought that up.
Shannon Buckles Philippus PLEASE give DROID users some love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus Gonzales Get it for Android!!!!!!!!!
Kollin Leisinger Flixdroid? ;) Netflix on Android!?! I have been waiting for this FOREVER! C’mon!
Cindy Dvorak Jacobson No doubt!!!!! PLEASE get that Droid app out soon. What a slap in the face that the Windows 7 is available. NOT COOL
Rich Coan Droid
Sean Salm this is bullshit, im pissed off. I want an android app available for download TODAY!
Josh Schmidt Ummmmm. Cough Cough! Android! Cough! Sheesh. Get your priorities straight!
Tom Scholfield Where the heck is Android?
Matthew Dake Got an Android-based smartphone? Bad News — you can now instantly watch a latecomer that will most likely be DOA get an app before a well established mobile OS. Just need to keep checking in vain by going to the Android Market. Also, suck my gnards.
Elietia Mackey what about ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<
Katie Marie Pollard Look at all these comments for Android. Get a clue Netflix!!!
Genna Mickey i bet netflix can’t stream on verizon droids because of the presence of stupid Blockbuster
Geoff Paulin When will there be one for Android?
Oz De Leon Bring it for the Droid!!!!!
Hilary Goodrich Reilly ummm… android!?!?
Chris Thom Hey, how about Android!
Gesse Calvaire Who cares about windows 7 where’s the android app?
James Hayes ?*ahem* Android?
Devin Andelin Yeah, because WP7 is totally used by more users than Android and is SOOOO much easier to program for. Wooowww.
Joey Fletcher Still waiting on app for Android here too!
Richard Keller There are hardly any Win7 phones. Why on earth would you make an app for them before Android with all its phones?
Mendy Brackett Blakeman DROID!!!
James Sadler WTF…Where is the android app?
Chris Metcalf i want to watch on my evo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Logan When is the android app coming???
Lindsay Meyers Come on, Android it already.
Kelley Bowler I don’t even use Android, and I think this is bullshit. Windows? Really? Forget that!
Mario Sellitti WHERE is the ANDROID app???
Elocin Ruomyes Where the fuk is the android app!
Matt Thomas Where’s our android app!!!!
Mohsin Siddiqi I really believe this is the joke of the CENTURY.. windows 7 gets it first before Andriod.. Netflix what you for drinks dis Halloween? whatever it was dont ever drink it again.. PURE BULLSHIT!!
Mike Bro What bout’ Droid?
Katy Bednarowski Another vote for Droid market. Plz.
Lisabeth Clark Can we please get an app for Android? I’d love to watch Netflix on my Samsung Epic!
Paula Schroeter add me to the masses wanting an app for DROID!
Jane Allyson- D’Arienzo android android android android android android android android android android android android android android android android
David Ondic Jr Whats so special about Windows that Adroid can’t do? Bunch of crap.
Taylon Sandlin yes, android please
John Basile Now put it on Android!
Jacqueline Wagner We really need an Android App. Windows Mobile phones blooow!!
Rob Lee How about the app for Android users? Any word on that?
Josh Rimokh Come on Netflix let’s see some Android support already!!!
Andy Brown WTF? Windows 7 before Android? C’mon.
Raymond Johnson Yeah that’s smart, lets just disregard arguably one of the more popular operating systems…Android. Get on the ball and get droid users (me) a netflix app so I can stream from my phone to. This should have been completed a loooong time ago…
Mike Alonso Ya seriously how is it windows 7 just came out and barely has any phones out and android users are STILL waitin even after iphone has come out. Step it up netflix! Android is takin over!
Jeff Hoagland Android support, CMON!!!!!!!!!
Alberto Aguirre No love for Android? Netflix on my EVO would be awesome, and enabling hdmi output would be even more spectacular.
Matt McCarter Where’s the Android app????
Shawn Kelly When’s the app for Android coming?
Conley Tyler Android Please!
Joey Larrinaga still no android app. haven’t you learned your lesson by now netflix?
Paul Sauseda yawn!!! ANDROID PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sara Abrahamson Schmachtenberger Android please!
Joe Stam Android?!
Daniel Damitz Android please;-)
Kris Linville A N D R O I D !!!
Roxanna Monday Jarrett Android please!!!!!!!!!
Timothy Farzalo ANDROID ANYBODY?
M Ke’Ola Macagba hook up BlackBerry and Doid platform cell phones!
Emily Maddox Android please! I think more people have Android phones than windows! Please Netflix. Us Android owners love Netflix too!
Gabriel Sanchez what about Samsung galaxy S phones???
Ryan Snook Android
Ralph L Angelo Jr How about an app for the android line???
Carter McGowen ANDROID
Dave Libby D R O I D ???? Come on man !
Jesse Pollock What the fuck ??? Where is the Android app ??? Only the largest and fastest growing cellphone app in the world
Jeff Bray Android app, please!!!
Sarah Hixon Please make it so Android can watch Netflix. I am so mad that boyfriend gets to watch my Netflix on his iPhone. So not fair!! :-D
Bryan A Castillo Netflix hates Android apparently. And that makes me sad.
Paul Tucker Android
Mario Sellitti Seriously, ease of development aside, it’s a real disappointment that there has been no Android streaming app yet, and WM7 which JUST CAME OUT already has it. Android users may be showing their displeasure with their wallets if this is not soon corrected.
Linde Wyser android….puhhhhhhllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaassssssssssse?
Sam ‘Sam’ Sheehy The Google TV Logitech Revue runs android and launched with Netflix. If Netflix is already running on an android platform how fucking hard is it to release a mobile client?
Sal Carollo r u kiddin’ Windows 7? , Android!!!!!!!!!!
Joel Richford DROID APP PLEASE!!!!!!! Sorry but I couldn’t help myself…DO IT!!!!!
Paul Lucien Where is the android app??
Paulina Quezada Android android android please!
Aaron Bratton I have to throw in on the Android request here. Seriously folks, get with the times!
Tom Burns Please, ANDROID!
Edward R. Bittner where’s my andriod app?
David Ondic Jr Explain to me why my Droid X with 720p screen and 1gig processor cant play your fancy little app Netflix.
Raymond Johnson I feel like Bart Simpson asking the mail lady for his spy camera, “Where’s my Android app?, Where’s my Android app?, Where’s my Android App?” lmao
Christopher Gerber Android
Adrian Clarke No love for android huh
Shawn Shelton Streaming Android App are what the masses are calling for! C’mon there are other streaming technologies other than silverlight.
Robert C. McKofke and where is the Android app???
Alan Davison If the other requests didn’t get you attention.. I will throw it out once more. ANDROID!!!!
Rick Emmel Why is android last?
Patrick Maddox Droid? Really Netflix? iPhone, got it, understood. But Windows Phone next? Really?!
Rico Joseph Android version please!!!!!!!!
Andre Dragon Android!
Matthew Kowalski About time for the xbox search… and Android needs to be able to stream movies
Paul Sauseda YAWWWN!!!!! ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Alan Rollins Damn. If this doesn’t come out on droid I’m gonna switch to win
Marco A Sandoval Android! When?
Tim Treacy This SUCKS! What about Andriod? Who the hell has a windows phone? FFS.
Shawn Latham Android already, I love netflix, but when you all do stupid stuff like support win 7 before supporting android, it really makes me wonder. My droid X even has a blockbuster app on it… Please Please PLEASE Bring android already.
Steven Croft Netflix streaming app for android!!!!!!!
Frank Guhlin Android please?
Sabrina Hemken Make one for my Android!!!! Why Windows 7 ????
Dave Libby I just canceled my Netflix until I can watch it on my DROID…. get with the program…. (or get the program with us, rather)
Brian Blankenship Great move for xbox…now just to get the app for android.
Eric Jan why Windows 7 phone? no one is going to buy that!!! get a Android app!!!
Steve Jeremiah Windows 7 gets this before Android? WTF?
Chrislyn Gebert Seriously…windows 7 gets it?!?!?!?! NOW ANDROID!!!!!!
Rich Cote Like everyone else has said…where the hell is the Android app?
Jason Ramos U can make an app for an unproven platform but not for Android which is 2nd after the iPhone? Are u fuckin serious? FAIL
Sean Humphrey So, I’m jumping on the bandwagon – You’ve ALREADY got a Windows Phone 7 app out – and that’s been available for like a week? Android still doesn’t have one? That’s pretty lame, guys.
Lauren Cone Android App!!!! We need one :)
Eric LaRose Android please.
David Noll Where is the Android app for netflix users??
LisaAnn Howland Young DROIDX app for watching linked to my account please!
Casey Shea Another one for android, the way more popular os
Austin Kienzle WTF Netflix!? Where’s my Android app already!?!?!
Rachel Henry Whats the hold up with an Android app? You guys have been working on it forever… and money or not there are a hell of a lot more Android users than Windows 7 users. Hell I’d pay for the app if I had to, just bring it out already… neglecting arguably the fastest growing smart phone OS loses you major cool points.
Sarah Randle Can we expect something similar for android soon? Oh please oh please oh please? :)
Marcelo Hernandez Say it ain’t so. Still no love for Android. I’m switching phones this week so ya’ll hurry up.
Steve Swingler Android marketshare is increasing. Micro$oft is decreasing. Netflix, you need to be smarter about who you are making deal$ with.
Adam Bonner Aaaaannndroiiiiiddddd!!!!!! JUST adding to the consensus
Craig Holden ?1 more vote for android
Richard J Smith I am just saying…ANDROID!!!! I pay for Netflix already. Why not Android?
Lindie Gardner Here here!! Android!!!
Landon M Poague Android support?
Darren Williams Where is the android app
Marquetta Ourand Android, please.
Michael W Allen Windows 7 over Android? Good choice LOL…what a joke
Sean Edds Netflix have something against Google? As a subscriber I say “All, or nothing Netflix!!!” We pad your pockets, not Windows, Apple or Google for that matter….
Julian Cleland LOL Android, best OS, possibly fastest phone. Can do pretty much anything, doesn’t need jail-broken or all that crap either. I had a windows 7 phone. They suck
Bryan Watson ANDRIOD!
Jason Thompson Congrats to the people with windows 7! Us android users are totally jealous!!
Aaron Weyhrich WTF!!!!!!!???????
Who gives a crap about Windows Mobile Phone 7????
What about Android!!!!
Matthew Hotchkiss Hey NetFlix! Today the Android O/S just took over at a 44% market share over Apple and Blackberry. The windows 7 mobile O/S does not even make the list. What is your beef with GOOGLE. Get your act together and release the Android App!
Julian Barnett who cares about WM7, where’s the android app?
Chad Chamberlain Windows 7 phones are out? What about an Android client?
Ryan Parker Need that for Droid phones!
John Seagondollar Android rules!! I would hate to cancel netflix over an app!!!
Seth Turner Where are your priorities? Androids user base is HUGE compared to WinMo 7! I think you’re mis-allocating your resources, I should punish you with by withholding funds!
Monica Simmerman ANDROID!!!
Jeffrey Smith When will it come out for the HTC Evo/Android market?
Akinwale Lakeru I love you guys….I really do. But you pretty much know the deal…get Netflix on Android. You guys are doing a great job of staying ahead of the curve. Don’t let that slip now.
Jeremy Abney Want it for android
Levin Manabat I’m still waiting for a Android App!!! Seriously, there are a lot better phone on Android than Window 7 at the moment!!!!!!
Jeffery Ball Android
Charles Reeves Where is DROID app? Guess I need to locate a NETFLIX replacement.
Denny Brooks No android app yet…..WTF Netflix people……hello….anyone home?
Tom Madden have had droid for a 7 how long
..come on…wake up!!
Jay Nestle ANDROID…???
Jason Comeau ANDROID?
Pete Dunlop Amazing how quickly Netflix comes to the aid of Microsoft and leaves all the Droid users high and dry. Comical. Pathetic. I can say that. I have an iPhone.
Eric Kinch Could we get a droid app too?
Christina Graham Another vote for android! Really, come on!
Nick Keserich I’m not really sure why Android users have been waiting so long. FFS you put an app on an iPad before you put it on the droid or eris… those have been out well long enough, and with a large enough userbase, to justify having an app already. What a joke.
Rev. James El-ahrairah Endicott Blockbuster has an android app, why don’t you?
Timothy Haines Aw what about android?
Masra Clamoungou Wii needs a search and android needs an app.
Mark Peterson what the hell, get on the ball, android………….
Patrick Lopez Android or nothing!
Scott Eisert Android!
Joshua Knott ANDROID!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Or maybe you can watch TV shows, too. You know, on your lunch break, or at the car dealer waiting for service, whenever!

There are devices other then phones that run android. It would probably be nice to be able to watch netflix on a 7 or ten inch android tablet.

I’m curious as to why so many people agree on such a bad deal. Gimme me some bucks and I’ll tell you in exchange what you can watch, using which application on which operating system on which device from which location. Awesome!

Well if would just get around to getting the Android App done they are working on (they have the iphone/iPod/iPad one done), I’ll be one of the first to buy their software and won’t have to wait on Netflix to get off their ars. I used their trial software and it’s great, but if I can only stream to my iPod Touch, who cares? I have a 7″ Android Tablet I want to stream to, not a tiny iPod or an overpriced iPad. I do not understand why all these software companies are developing apps for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place mobile Operating Systems and not for Android. I mean, how many tablets running Android are out now and coming out in the next few months? Are these companies this out of touch? I am an owner of an Android Tablet and I’m wanting to stream internet video to my tablet, and I’ll be happy to pay a reasonable fee for any software that does that and works on Android. If anyone knows of such of an app, please post a link.

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