Installing Xfce on Ubuntu

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Why Xubuntu?

If you have a computer with rather modest specifications (I'd say anywhere between 128 MB of RAM to 256 MB of RAM), you may find that Kubuntu's KDE and Ubuntu's Gnome are too slow on your computer to be functional. There's another desktop environment called Xfce that is relatively lightweight, and Xubuntu is the version of Ubuntu that comes with Xfce as its default desktop environment.

Adding Xubuntu to an existing Ubuntu/Kubuntu

Paste in this command in the terminal:
sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop

To use Xfce after you've installed it:

  1. Log out.
  2. Under Session, select Xfce.
  3. Log back in again.

If Xfce is still too heavy?

If you have 64 MB of RAM or less, you should follow these instructions to get a barebones Ubuntu

You may also want to consider using a different distribution targeted at low-specification systems:
Damn Small Linux
Puppy Linux
DeLi Linux

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